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Leigh Court

A transformation of the ground and lower ground floors of a late 19th century mansion block in West London to create four new duplex apartments. 

Leigh House is a distinguished member of a family of mansion style blocks near to Olympia. It is unusual in that it contains office accommodation at street level. These areas offer a very inadequate working environment, with little natural ventilation and large south facing windows, allowing considerable solar gain, which can only be mitigated by control film on the windows, giving the ground floor a forbidding appearance. 

By creating four large apartments with lofty ceilings, a good aspect and considerably lower occupation than the existing office use, the quality of the building is maximised and its character reclaimed. 

The principal external alterations involve the re-instatement of railings and the front area, the removal of unsympathetic signage and other additions and the introduction of new glazing at lower ground floor level. 

The proposals create high quality flats with a variety of spaces and internal and external views, whilst the re-instatement of the front areas provide a return to an historic appearance and resolve the current rather undefined space between the public realm and the building. 

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