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TreeHouse Print Kiosk

TreeHouse School provides autistic children with specialist, integrated support. The school, located in Muswell Hill in North London was designed and built whilst Stephen Coleman was at Penoyre & Prasad LLP and was completed in 2008. Since then 4orm have been involved with various TreeHouse projects. This project ‘Print Kiosk’ followed on from the success of ‘The Shop’. The brief was to occupy an under utilised circulation/ ‘break-out’ space and to establish an environment for students to engage in vocational learning. The unusual form developed from the need to retain a generous surrounding circulation space, from the requirement to discourage the students to climb the structure and to minimise corners and edges that maybe prone to damage. The interior was carefully configured around an existing roof light and around the process of preparing, printing and selling.

Photographs by Nerida Howard.

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